Monthly Archives: March 2019

Get ready to BRING IT!

“We should absolutely look at our progress in the legislature this year as a win.” That’s the message Concerned Lifers Organization and Monroe BPC want to convey to us. They point out that 5819 has gotten farther than we’ve ever gotten in years of trying, that we’ve had live testimony from prisoners for the first… Read More »

Our bill is NOT scheduled for a vote

Ways & Means has released the schedule of bills it intends to vote on today. Our bill is not on it.Unless something really surprising happens, it means we’re done for this session. Carol EstesPrison Voice Washington206-276-9128

Today was ugly

There was suddenly a lot of very vocal opposition at the Ways & Means hearing today, even though it is supposed to be only about fiscal issues.(Generally, they will cut you off if you’re not talking about fiscal issues.) The Ways & Means Committee had already met for about 5 hrs when they finally got to… Read More »