Calling Journalists and University Researchers

Are you a journalist or university researcher who wants to dig deep into Washington State criminal justice issues in a way that will address systemic needs? We are compiling a detailed list of proposed multidisciplinary research questions to give journalists and academics ideas that will help fill areas of research need, along with resources on… Read More »

Get ready to BRING IT!

“We should absolutely look at our progress in the legislature this year as a win.” That’s the message Concerned Lifers Organization and Monroe BPC want to convey to us. They point out that 5819 has gotten farther than we’ve ever gotten in years of trying, that we’ve had live testimony from prisoners for the first… Read More »

Our bill is NOT scheduled for a vote

Ways & Means has released the schedule of bills it intends to vote on today. Our bill is not on it.Unless something really surprising happens, it means we’re done for this session. Carol EstesPrison Voice Washington206-276-9128

Today was ugly

There was suddenly a lot of very vocal opposition at the Ways & Means hearing today, even though it is supposed to be only about fiscal issues.(Generally, they will cut you off if you’re not talking about fiscal issues.) The Ways & Means Committee had already met for about 5 hrs when they finally got to… Read More »

Letter from the CLO and BPC (Monroe)

The Concerned Lifers Organization and the Black Prisoners Caucus (Monroe) support moving forward with this legislation and would make the following requests of our advocates:   We ask that those not included in this legislation not be forgotten and that all advocates commit to this cause and clearly state that they will continue to advocate until we     have review for everyone.  We ask that the coalition continue to fight for amendments to the bill that would expand review eligibility,… Read More »

Next hearing on Feb 28 for 5819

Here is some Information on process that may be helpful: A HEARING on the substitute 5819 will take place in the Senate Ways & Means Committee at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday in hearing room 4, Cherberg Blg. Public testimony is allowed, but this committee deals only with budget and cost issues, so any testimony must be… Read More »

I apologize!!! I’m totally wrong

Oh no! I’m so sorry! The bill allows for review after 15 years, and people over 60 can get review after having served half their sentence.I have been so terrified that they were going to do something horrible that I guess just I saw what I was expecting.Again, my apologies. I didn’t mean to scare… Read More »

Butchered bill passes out of committee

The Law & Justice Committee passed a MISERABLE substitute bill. It allows review only for people over 60, completely eliminates review for agg murder because they’re doing away with the death penalty, and adds even more language about victims. Pedersen made it absolutely clear that they have no intention of even considering agg murder.  What now? We will… Read More »

Our compromise proposal

Here’s what we’re proposing, an idea that came from Rachael Seevers, the attorney at Disability Rights Washington who is leading our coalition. Rachael has already sent this proposal to Pedersen, Dhingra, and committee staff. We suggest that new Sec. 2(3) be amended to include “(d) was not convicted of aggravated murder and sentenced to death prior… Read More »

IMPORTANT: Strange bad news

Ironically, the big problem facing us now is that committees in both Houses have passed legislation to do away with the death penalty. That should be a good thing, but it affects us very negatively, because legislators feel the need to guarantee that people sentenced to death never get out. As a result, post-conviction review for… Read More »