Next hearing on Feb 28 for 5819

Here is some Information on process that may be helpful:

A HEARING on the substitute 5819 will take place in the Senate Ways & Means Committee at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday in hearing room 4, Cherberg Blg. Public testimony is allowed, but this committee deals only with budget and cost issues, so any testimony must be about that. You should be able to watch it live on TVW ( or later in the TVW archives–though lots of people seem to have trouble with their internet service. 

THEN WHAT?  After the Thursday hearing, the bill will be scheduled for executive session (a committee vote). If it passes out of that committee by the deadline of March 1, it will go to Rules, and from there, if we’re lucky, to the Floor for a vote by March 13.

IF THE BILL GETS TO THE SENATE FLOOR, we must get a majority of Senators to vote in favor of the bill or it dies. The deadline is March 13. The run-up to this vote (the first week or so of March) is the time when we really need everyone’s help educating legislators. Many are completely uninformed about this issue. We’ll be back in touch about how to do this.

Then, if the bill passes out of the Senate, it goes to the House, most likely to the Public Safety Committee, and starts again through the whole process of hearings and committee votes. It can be amended at several points along the way, so we will be keeping a close eye on what is happening. It could get through both Houses this year. OR, if it gets held up in a committee for some reason, it will remain alive for next year, and it will stay at the same spot in the process so that we don’t have to start over.

Carol Estes
Prison Voice Washington

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