Our compromise proposal

Here’s what we’re proposing, an idea that came from Rachael Seevers, the attorney at Disability Rights Washington who is leading our coalition. Rachael has already sent this proposal to Pedersen, Dhingra, and committee staff. We suggest that new Sec. 2(3) be amended to include “(d) was not convicted of aggravated murder and sentenced to death prior to October 11, 2019 or, if convicted of aggravated murder after that date, has received a majority vote by the review board to permit the filing of a petition for review under this act.”This change would 1) protect the possibility of review for everyone currently in prison for agg murder; 2) bar the people currently sentenced to death from review as the legislature intends; 3) allow the post-conviction review board to decide which new agg murder cases will be  barred from review–a substitute for the death penalty. 
I think this is a brilliant solution to this problem. I hope the legislators agree!

Carol Estes
Prison Voice Washington

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