Parole Legislation Update #2

By | January 27, 2019

It’s better than we could have wished for!  Senator Jeannie Darneille has introduced an excellent bill that would establish a Post Conviction Review Process for everyone who has served 15 years in prison, with possible release depending on a person’s behavior in prison. It also creates the board that would conduct the reviews by changing the name of the ISRB to the Post Conviction Review Board, moving it out of the DOC and into the governor’s office, and adding board members with expertise in rehabilitation and racial equity.

A hearing is scheduled THIS THURSDAY, Jan 31 at 1:30 in Hearing Room C of the Cherberg Building on the capitol campus in Olympia.Senator Darneille has requested written rather than oral testimony. Please email her right away and let her know why this bill is so badly needed and what it means to you personally. IMPORTANT! 

(Correction January 30, 2019. A couple of people have commented that the original email address that we gave out for Ms. Darneille did not go through. Although Carol has used that address successfully in the past, we think it is best if people use the address from the official website, which is   Kent James, webmaster for Prison Voice Washington)

To see a copy of the bill draft (no bill number yet) and a more detailed summary of the bill’s provisions, visit

Carol Estes
Prison Voice Washington

10 thoughts on “Parole Legislation Update #2

  1. Jill Pownall

    I think this is an excellent idea. I have seen first hand our family being destroyed by my brother getting a very long sentence due to it being an “Election year “for the judge, having an overworked and underpaid court appointed lawyer, perjury by one of his victims, and illegal things being done by the first prosecutor involved in the case. And that does not include the victims sister working at the same court house that he was tried in. The laws of our state are ridiculous for most crimes committed. My brother has not had any trouble since being incarcerated and has been I believe neglected medically because they would not treat him for 2 years for prostate issues. I know he deserves time for his crime, but not a life sentence because our laws are ridiculous. He is getting more time than most murderers. I thank you for all of your hard work on this cause. I wish I would have known about it sooner so I could have participated more.

  2. Lori L Walker

    Please pass this bill, it is very important that this passes. I think we can help these people to succeed!

  3. Jessica Martinez

    I support this bill. Everyone deserves a second chance in life

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