Parole Legislative Update #4

SB5819 is now the official bill number of the post-conviction review bill coming from Jeannie Darneille’s office (what used to be S-1138.1). You can read it online on the legislature’s website, But the bill itself is very long (over 100 pages) and fairly confusing. More helpful–and coming soon to the legislature’s website–is the much shorter Bill Report, the document legislators themselves rely on to tell them what’s in the bill. 

Work session:  This Thursday committee members will hear testimony from the prisoners in the Concerned Lifers Organization and the Black Prisoners Caucus at WSR. (This is unprecedented, as far as I know. Kudos to Jeannie Darneille!) There will not be public testimony at this hearing, but I am told that legislators will have an opportunity for back-and-forth dialog with the prisoners. Tune in to TVW at 1:30 on Thursday to hear the prisoners’ testimony.

Carol Estes
Prison Voice Washington 206-276-9128 

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